Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Paper Bag - inspiration #17

Would you spend €230 on a designer (coated) paper bag? The new MUST HAVE paper bag for men who pack their own lunch. The Rolls Royce of the paper bags! The Vasari Bag, from Jil Sander. Yes, its a brown paper bag with visible stitching, some gold-colored eyelets, and 'Jil Sander' printed at the bottom.... but it's still a brown paper bag... Luckly for us, the Vasari also comes in a black leather option, which will be sold for €600...

This is not the first time Jil Sander has debuted a nondescript 'It' bag. Last year, the label sold for €130 another carrier, made of plastic. So what are you spending your money on??

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