Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Anyone who follows this blog, knows we are a big fan of Johnny Ramli Jewellery. And if you are just as fan as we are, we have good news for you...WRKSHP13 in Amsterdam is the place were you can eat your heart out!

This amazing store does not only sell the jewellery of Johnny Ramli, they also represent their clothes and leather accessories! Together with other great upcoming brands as Sophie#1234567+ and Marie Y Levi, this store is made into a little place like heaven just in the middle of Amsterdam.

Besides from the beautiful collection, the store itself is already worth visiting. The dark wooden interior gives you a warm feeling and makes it very comfortable trying on their cloths.

Last weekend we got super excited when we teamed up with WRKSHP13 to do a special item on their store and collection. Pictures of the shoot will follow soon, but here are some to keep you warm for now...;)

 Behind the scenes sneak peek
Here you see Robin picking the clothes for the shoots

Robin is making photos of Jocelyne
Little bracelets to fall in love with!
 An overview of the beautiful decorated store

Jocelyne making photos of Robin
 More bags and warm and rich ponchos and scarfs
Which necklace is your favorite? We want them all!!

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